Making the Most of Summer in a Planned Community: Thrive While Maintaining Standards

WRMC Blog Featured Image: Making the Most of Summer in a Planned Community: Thrive While Maintaining Standards

Making the Most of Summer in a Planned Community: Thrive While Maintaining Standards

As a leading property management company, WRMC collaborates with planned communities to ensure residents have an exceptional summer while maintaining community standards. Here’s how your community can make the most of the season:

Calendar Planning for Seasonal Changes

Effective calendar planning is essential for managing seasonal tasks. We recommend the creation of a property management calendar that outlines all expected services and maintenance activities. During summer, proactive scheduling of landscaping, pool maintenance, and infrastructure repairs helps communities stay ahead. This planning also includes preparing for winter, ensuring any necessary repairs or upgrades are completed in advance to avoid issues during colder months.

Examples of Seasonal Tasks:

  • Landscaping: Scheduling regular lawn mowing, garden upkeep, and tree trimming to keep communal areas attractive.
  • Pool Maintenance: Ensuring pools are clean, well-maintained, and meet health and safety standards.
  • Infrastructure Repairs: Addressing any wear and tear from winter and spring to prevent larger issues.


Enhancing Community Engagement

Summer is a prime time for community engagement. Organizing community events like barbecues, outdoor movie nights, and sports tournaments can foster a sense of togetherness. WRMC can assist in planning and coordinating these events to ensure they run smoothly and adhere to community standards.

Event Ideas:

  • Outdoor Movie Nights: Set up a projector and screen in a common area for a family-friendly movie night under the stars.
  • Community Barbecues: Host a barbecue where residents can bring dishes and share a meal together.
  • Sports Tournaments: Organize friendly competitions in sports like tennis, basketball, or soccer to encourage active lifestyles.


Safety and Security Protocols

Safety and security are paramount, especially when communal spaces like pools and playgrounds are in high use. WRMC ensures the implementation of access controls at gates, hires pool attendants or lifeguards, and updates all safety protocols. Regular checks and updates to security systems and emergency plans are critical during this busy season to protect all residents.

With increased outdoor activities, it’s key to emphasize safety protocols for children, pets, and wildlife. Designated play areas for kids, proper signage for pet owners, and guidelines for interacting with local wildlife help prevent accidents. Promoting awareness and caution enhances safety for all residents.

Safety Tips:

  • For Children: Designate specific areas as play zones and ensure they are free from potential hazards.
  • For Pets: Provide clear guidelines on leash requirements and waste disposal.
  • For Wildlife: Educate residents on local wildlife and how to safely coexist.


Focus on Condos: Pool Safety and Guest Access

For condo residents, summer often means more visitors and increased use of shared amenities. Enforcing pool safety rules, ensuring lifeguards are on duty, and managing guest access maintains order and safety. Clear guidelines for guest parking prevent congestion and ensure a positive experience for everyone.

Pool Safety Measures:

  • Rules and Regulations: Clearly post pool rules and ensure all residents and guests adhere to them.
  • Lifeguards: Hire certified lifeguards to monitor pool activities and respond to emergencies.
  • Guest Access: Implement a guest registration system to manage the number of visitors and maintain security.


Effective guest parking management is crucial during the summer when visitors are frequent. It’s a must to designate specific areas for guest parking and provide clear instructions, and possibly use parking permits to avoid misunderstandings and ensure smooth traffic flow within the community.

Parking Management Tips:

  • Designated Areas: Clearly mark guest parking areas and ensure they are easily accessible.
  • Parking Permits: Issue temporary permits to control and monitor guest parking.
  • Communication: Inform residents and their guests about parking policies in advance.


Environmental Considerations

Summer is also an excellent time to promote eco-friendly practices within the community. Encouraging residents to participate in recycling programs, conserve water, and use energy-efficient appliances can lead to a more sustainable living environment.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives:

  • Recycling Programs: Set up convenient recycling stations and educate residents on what can be recycled.
  • Water Conservation: Promote the use of drought-resistant plants in landscaping and the importance of fixing leaks promptly.
  • Energy Efficiency: Encourage the use of LED lighting and energy-efficient cooling systems.


Ensure Your Community Thrives

By focusing on these key areas, WRMC ensures that communities thrive during the summer while maintaining high standards and preparing for the future. Proactive management, safety, and effective communication with residents are the cornerstones of a well-run community. Embrace the summer, make the most of shared spaces, and continue to build a vibrant and safe community with WRMC’s expert guidance.

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