Meeting Millennial Expectations as Property Managers in San Antonio

Millenials at a San Antonio community.

Meeting Millennial Expectations as Property Managers in San Antonio

Association management companies in San Antonio have been adapting to a significant new demographic that has chosen community living over the last decade- millennials. Millennials or those born between 1981 and 1996 have increasingly chosen San Antonio over other Texas cities like Austin and Houston for its more affordable housing and an overall lower cost of living. But the most significant swath of millennial transplants is coming from costly and more congested cities like Los Angeles and New York. Add to that a thriving social scene and a reputation as one of the friendliest cities in the country, and it’s no surprise why the “Alamo City” continues to see a surge of millennials.

Professional property managers need to understand the expectations of millennials living in or considering community living. Knowing that millennials rely on apps and websites for virtually everything (don’t we all), communities have been digitally transforming as many resident processes as they can. Providing the option for making payments online or logging a service request and tracking its status from your phone make community living desirable. Additionally, delivering push notifications or text message updates to alert residents of important community news is an excellent way to stay connected. Embracing technology does not mean losing the personal touch that makes a community truly great; technology helps automate the manual processes that used to take hours or days instead of minutes. Residents appreciate knowing that their concerns are being heard and addressed promptly. Technology advancements have made communicating with residents more accessible than ever.

Another thing millennials appreciate about community living is an active social calendar. San Antonio is known as one of America’s friendliest cities, so fostering good vibes in the community shouldn’t be too difficult. However, community associations need to actively use social media channels to promote social activities that bring people together, regardless of their age. For example, having a “Food Truck Friday” in the community is a great draw for people in San Antonio to connect over something they love – food! Social media allows associations to promote these events while highlighting the community’s personality, not to mention the amenities and facilities the community offers.

Another millennial magnet is the wealth of modern amenities community living offers. Having activities a short walk away versus a cross-town drive is a huge benefit for someone with high demands on their time professionally and socially. Having amenities like a gym, pool, basketball court, and lounge all come together to enhance the low-maintenance lifestyle millennials seek.

Community living provides all sorts of benefits for “older” millennials born in the 1980s, too, either starting families or already with an established family. A social calendar full of family-friendly activities provides an easy way for families to mingle and enjoy themselves in familiar surroundings with the comforts of home just a few steps away. Add to that the layer of security a community offers, and it’s a win all around.

Finding the right community with a thoughtful homeowners association and a hands-on property management team for millennials is critical. Merge that personal touch with modern technology, and you’ve found a winning combination. Communities that recognize how important the use of technology is for residents, especially ones that will continue to work remotely, will thrive. Knowing who your residents are, their expectations, and what prospective residents want is a defining line for quality management companies.

The millennial lifestyle lends itself well to the ease and simplicity offered by managed communities. Unfortunately, millennials tend to get a bad rap for their technology-based expectations. Still, these expectations are helping to usher in change at a faster pace, making everyone’s life a bit easier. Therefore, staying on top of these trends and understanding the demographics of the users is invaluable. 

Investments in technology help run the community more efficiently and demonstrate the quality of the management team behind them. Understanding residents’ needs and taking steps to address them is why Worth Ross has been expanding throughout Texas cities.

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