Why your HOA should work with an Accredited Association Management Company

Worth Ross Management Company is proud to be an Accredited Association Management Company

Why your HOA should work with an Accredited Association Management Company

If you’re considering working with an association management company (AMC), then you’re likely familiar with the benefits of hiring accredited professionals who can help your organization meet its goals. But not all HOA management companies are created equal. While there are many different types of homeowner association management companies that offer services to associations, only a select few are designated as AAMCs through CAI, a leading authority on association management. This accreditation assures that you receive expert advice and guidance as your association navigates today’s complex world.

What does it mean for an association management company to be accredited by CAI?

This means they’ve met a strict set of standards for delivering high-quality services and providing great value to homeowners’ associations. The importance of accreditation cannot be overstated. It shows that your association management company has proven its expertise in the industry and that it is committed to continuing to improve its service through ongoing education and training.

How does Worth Ross Management Company maintain its accreditation?

To begin with, we strive to hire only the most qualified individuals as managers—talented individuals that meet our high standards in everything they do—serving their board members and residents, making sure the association runs smoothly and efficiently, managing staff, and handling all financial aspects of running an association. We go out of our way to provide comprehensive in-house association-specific training programs for our managers so they’ll have all the tools they need to perform at their best every day.

WRMC strongly encourages managers to become certified through CAI, more than half of our managers earn their CMCA certification within two years of starting at WRMC. We offer yearly education credits to cover any costs associated with CAI education and accreditation, or any other relevant education expenses that will help our team become masters of association management. Certifications show that our team members are dedicated to association management.

Why Hire an AAMC?

The right AAMC can help you navigate the complex world of community association management, whether it’s something as simple as managing the day-to-day needs of the community or figuring out how to run your annual budget. With our years of expertise and experience, WRMC will be able to help you find answers to any questions you may have about operating your HOA.

We take pride in our financial expertise, professionalism, and success. We’ll treat your association as if it were our own—and we pledge to do so with dedication and excellence at every turn. In addition to all of that, we’re a business partner, not an employee. This means that when you choose WRMC as your association management company, you can rest assured knowing that there will always be someone from our team available who is knowledgeable about your community—not just the latest in software programs or industry standards.

When it comes to your association’s most important assets—its members—you want to know that the professionals entrusted with their care will always put their unique needs first.

We’re proud to be an Association Management Company that’s been in the industry for over 20 years. We’ve watched our company grow and evolve, but one thing has remained constant: a dedication to providing our clients with top-notch service. We love what we do, and we hope that you’ll allow us the opportunity to show you just how much we care about making your community association successful! Want to learn more about working with WRMC? Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can help your association.

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